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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Provo, UT

I'm here... so close to home. I love hotels these days. Every hotel I've stayed in has free high speed wireless service and a free continental breakfast. And it's not the traditional coffee and donuts before hopping in the car. They actually have hot waffles and fruit! Yum...

Since Winona, I've been to Woodbury, MN to visit Matt's brother and family. Then on to South Dakota to check out the Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore monuments. Crazy Horse was particulary touching to me. Korczak Ziolkowski dedicated his life to memorializing the Native American and doing what he could to right the wrongs that the Native Americans have suffered. We took the bus up to see the monument and took lots of cool pics. Take a look.

This one shows the model that Korczak envisioned with the current memorial in the background.

This one is a close up taken from the bus.

This one is of me and Matt being silly at Mount Rushmore.
I was shocked to see how many buffalo are living in the park. They even roam the streets!

More to come... there are tons of pics from Yellowstone and for those in the know... Wall Drugs!


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