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Thursday, June 15, 2006

I don't want to study...

So... I've been surfing the web. I found out yesterday that Community Health which is the class I'm taking now, is not going to be covered on the NCLX. So... who cares??? I 'm still going to study so I can do well on exams but it's not vital that I remember the difference between community based health care and community oriented health care. Sounds the same, doesn't it? Trust me, there is a difference.

I bought the pattern for Ms. Marigold and I'm trying to decide if I want to knit this lovely with alpacca. It calls for DK weight Knit Picks Elegance. I do have Andean silk which is a similar weight but I'm wondering if alpacca is to warm for this summer top. I do love it in the yellow too:)

I'm making progress on the Baby Einstein. The lower portion and the right front are finished and I have yet to start the second ball of yarn. My second Orangina is alos progressing nicely. It will probably be done next week. Gosh... no TV, roommate, boyfriend who lives in the same town, and senioritis make for ideal knitting conditions.

The other thing I was surfing online for was what the heck do I need to do to get my nursing license in California. I finally figured it out and will have to part with $137 for the application fee, fingerprint card processing, and interim permit. What's the interim permit? It will allow me to work w/o taking my NCLX. I don't get to administer meds but I get to do everything else like assessment and other aspects of patient care. The whole paperwork process and degree verification takes 6-8 weeks. So if I want to start my new job by Aug 29, I got to get this thing in the mail by early next week. Oh... I don't think I said, I accepted a job at Sharp Grossmont working on the stroke PCU. It is a floor that has patients that are hooked up to monitors. Most of them will have had some kind of CVA. I thought this would be a great place to start my career. The manager seems really responsive and more importantly cool and the staff seems to be really happy to be there. More to come when I start.

However, I don't want to stay there forever. I really liked my OB rotation and think my ultimate goal is to become a women's health NP or certified nurse midwife. I think that births have way more medical interventions performed that are absolutely necessary and that women will benefit from the nursing model. The US ranks 27th in terms of infant mortality and poor pregnancy outcomes. Countries like Greece, Estonia, Spain, and Lithuania have lower rates of infant mortality than the United States even though we have the highest number of OB/GYNs and neonatologists in the world. Most of the European countries use midwives to help women birth their babies. So... I looked into programs. There are only 3 in CA. UCSF, CSU Fullerton and CSU San Diego. The program at UCSF looks amazing. The only problem is that it is 9 hours away from San Diego. I have a while yet to think about this though. I probably won't go back to school until after my first baby.

Sorry for the long rambly post. You can tell, I really don't want to study.


At 1:35 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

haha - I can totally identify. I pick up my knitting whenever I don't feel like cleaning house (which is alot of the time). =)


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