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Friday, June 09, 2006

A finished Pink Gable and more stash

I finally finished the Pink Gable. I'm sure it's a quick knit for most people but I'm a slow poke. I'd say it took me about 2 months to knit. Here are some pictures.

I used a pattern from Zephyr Style calle Green Gable. I was extremely happy that there was absolutely no finishing. Seaming is the death of me! It was knit in the round with raglan arms(?) The only thing I did not like about this pattern is the endless stockinette stitching. But unfortunatly I like the look of it. The lace panel was very simple and I think that this is a great project for someone looking to get into lace without going insane reading a chart.

Here are some pictures of my latest SEX (stash enchancing expediction for those of you not familiar with that acronym)

And of course, I have new WIP's... One is a Baby Albert for my friend's baby. It's a boy and I didn't want to go with the traditional blue so I went for a moss green. I also bought these cute doggie buttons. The other is another Orangina by Glampyre. My LYS was having a 20% off sale so who could resist buying some Mandrine Petit. I'm in love with this yarn! It's 100% egyptian cotton. Soooo yummy. It's a great sub for Rowan Cotton 4 ply which I made my first Orangina in.

I do have some socks that I'm working on but I'm so ashamed of the progress that I'm not posting any pictures. I'll let ya see them when I have at least one pair complete.

These next pics are for fun. I laughed when I took them!


At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing cuter than a big man and a little dog - I swoon everytime I see hubby curled up and cuddling with Maslow. Love your sweater!


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