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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stinky vitamins

No real progress to report on anything knitted. I'm studying for my finals right now and don't really want to... so, I'm just going to post about random stuff. Hopefully, I get motivated within the next 20 minutes.

I did teach my friend Karen how to knit. We went over to Threadbear a few weeks ago to get yarn for her grandmother's shawl and she decided that she wanted me to teach her how to knit. So I helped her pick out needles and yarn. I hate straight needles but she got some Clover Bamboo needles, size 7 or 8 I believe. And I had her get some Cascade Sierra. I love that yarn because it is cotton and shows great stitch definition. Unfortunately, I found out after she started learning how to cast on, not the greatest yarn for beginners because of the "split" factor. Oh well, her scarf is coming along anyways. Great teachers make all the difference. Hahaha....

As for the color of the Sierra, she needed help with chosing a color that would work with this pretty egg shell blue coat that she wears. I of course pick out some plain grey yarn that is very neutral and that I think looks great with the coat. But Matt from Threadbear is asked for his opinion and picks out a lovely pink color. I can't describe it. It's #16 if you have a color card. And he's right about the color. Grey would have just washed any color right out of her skin. I'm always going to consult him about color palette from now on.

As for the stinky vitamins, I just took one of these vitamins that I bought from Trader Joe's when I was back home. There is no Trader Joe's in Lansing! What kind of wasteland do I live in. Anyway, the vitamins I bought were prenatal vitamins... Not because I'm pregnant or trying but because they contained all the same vitamins as the regular multivitamins plus they were cheaper. Now being the smart shopper that I am, I couldn't resist a bargin. But they smell awful. And the taste is just as bad... worse because they linger in your mouth like something died in there. Yuck! But I refuse to throw them away cause frankly, I don't eat well enough to stop taking vitamins and I hate to waste money that i don't really have to waste.


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

yuck!! i hate stinky pills. i was forced to take chinese medicine as a kid, and THAT was some potent stuff, all those herbal stinky black soups. even downing a whole bowl of ice cream immediately afterwards would not erase the nasty aftertaste. *shudder*

on a better note - that's great that you got your friend started on knitting!! i always get great satisfaction seeing someone beginning to enjoy the craft that i enjoy so much =)

At 11:03 AM, Blogger rho said...

could it be extra B something in there -- I know one of the B's stinks like heck (6 maybe)

I HAVE to get someone to teach me socks and how to make them have a little larger part on the leg.


At 8:54 PM, Blogger Zippianna said...

yes, must be the extra b's. Can you dip them in something like caramel topping for icecream? hehe

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Hello, just stopping by, I came to check out your panta as you had left some advice for me over at KR forum. That texture is exactly how I want mine, so I will do same as you have, thanks.

Sorry, totally unrelated to your post, but I feel kind of rude stopping by and not saying HI!!!

At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almost didn't move here because there wasn't a Trader Joes - supposedly there is one in Ann Arbor and I hit the one in Chicago whenever I'm there but used to live walking distance to one in Phoenix...sigh....I miss is so and the prices and variety..nothing beats wasabi peas and some good organic wine :-)


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