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Monday, February 13, 2006

Home sick today...

I stayed home from my clinicals today. Unfortunately I'm really sick. I have some weired stomach bug that has been going around. I think that's 'nuff said. I was supposed to be observing in the ICU at the hospital today and felt like fainting for the first time in my life. There was nothing disgusting going on. No blood on the floor or guts on top of a stomach. So I felt a bit silly.

So... I came home and got into bed around 10 am this morning and slept until about 2:15. That's a good long nap and I'm so exhausted, Imight have another nap in a bit. I haven't eaten a bite since I forced myself to have half a bowl of oatmeal this morning before we left for clinical. I think I'll try some toast now. I am feeling weak. I don't think I could ever be anorexic or bulimic. Not eating and throwing up are awful. Besides I like food way too much. My stomach is making some very loud noises but I don' know if I necessarily want to feed it at the moment. Maybe some tea... I'm so very seldom ill that I don't know what to do with my self.

The sleeves for Tubey are almost done. I'm working on the striping of the second sleeve. Yes! Progress. I may be able to add the back on today. Maybe I'll go work on that now and get the appetite going.

I'm making a shawl for my friend's grandmother, the one we've been staying with while we were in clinicals. I'm going to use the Paisley shawl pattern from Interweave. Take a look at it here.My friend went with me to Threadbear to pick out a color and it's kind of a deep red. Beautiful yarn and it's the Alpaca laceweight. I forget the brand but it was very reasonably priced. Important for a starving student...


At 3:49 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

i agree with you on your feelings of food - i don't think i can ever have an eating disorder either. throwing up really sucks, and i love food way too much.

sorry to hear you are sick!! hope you get better. don't worry about feeling uneasy sometimes with your work - my hubby as a med student fainted twice. with repeated exposure and time, it will turn out ok. =) *hugs*


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