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Saturday, January 28, 2006

A working Saturday...

Ahhh... the weekend. Most people spend their day doing chores or having fun with their friends or going on short weekend trips. The lucky few get to knit:) I get to do research for my ethical paper that's due this Thursday. The topic: Mental health insurance parity. Now, I wouldn't be so resistant to the idea, but we've already done an oral presentation on this topic last semester. At the beginning of this semester, my class was told we'd have to write a five page paper with 10 references on the same topic we did a presentation on a few weeks ago right before break. Why??? Does this make sense to anybody???

So, I'm doing that this weekend. I procrastinated and held off cause it's the dumbest thing I ever heard. Now I agree, nurses need to be able to recognize ethical problems that they encounter in practice. But what's the point in forcing us to write a formal paper? In my ideal world, we'd just talk about ethical issues. Or better yet, watch Grey's Anatomy. They have at least 5 ethical issues in each episode. Like when George was sending this old crazy woman who wouldn't leave the hospital to tests and procedures that were unnecessary. Totally unethical and something that we as nursing students could see both sides to the issue and come up with different alternatives.

I did do something fun last weekend. I went to the Detroit auto show. It was a complete madhouse. I got to see some cool cars including some that I think qualify as a "soccer mom car". I refuse to drive a mini van when the time comes for me to cart my future kids to school. So I'm on the lookout for alternatives. Here are some pictures. Let me know which one you think is the coolest.

Now keep in mind that my boyfriend and I are not getting married or pregnant anytime soon. We talk about it all the time but I'm thinking about practicality. I need to get a car that can store more than just 2 bags of groceries when the time comes sooo...when it happens I need to have an idea. (I'm voting for the red one myself)

On the knitting front... there's no progress on anything:( I did get to knit a bit last weekend on my way to the auto show. I knit a bit more on the back for Tubey. Here's a pic:

It's a cool concept of a pattern. Knit a few tubes and voila, you have a sweater. But it's soooo tedious right now. I hate straight stockette stitch which is all this sweater is. It's going to be beautiful I'm sure but the miles of stockinette stitch is going to be a bear.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. I will be spending the rest of it pouring over articles that I've printed off and starting my paper...


At 1:20 AM, Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

I'm sorry that you have to put aside knitting for a research paper - so thought I'd help you out....I'm a mom with a daughter who is bipolar - so I know that inusrance treats mental health patients completely differently. My daughter only has so much that is covered - it's OK that she try to hurt herself or worse - if she's used the amount allocated - too bad they won't cover anymore - but if she had cancer - the insurance company would pay 100's of thousands of dollars - but not for mental health....We've been there...(But Yarn therapy (i.e. a visit to the LYS) is very helpful for her mother!
Didn't mean to rant - just understand that this is a huge issue to those of us who deal with mental health.
Thanks for listening...
Knit on!


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