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Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's cold!!!

I went outside this morning to walk to the gym in my apt complex. It is seriously cold right now. 46 degrees. This is about the same temperature as the coldest winter day in San Diego. For me, it almost hurts to breathe outside. I'm supposed to meet a classmate at the library in about an hour and I'm dreading the walk from my bus stop to the library. I think I may die here this winter.

I finally have a winter jacket. My mom bought it for me as a birthday present when she was visiting this week. But I don't know if it will be warm enough to walk from class to the bus stop. It says that it is a "Triclimate" jacket which I'm guessing will be warm enough for this weather. What scared me is that I was able to wear this jacket in the store and not break a sweat. hmmm...

I had a really hard week. I had a test or two everyday, projects due and my parents were visiting from San Diego. I didn't really get to study so much and it shows. I vow to get things done early, start studying way in advance for a test. I found out that I am a poor memorizer and need lots of repetition to get things into my head. I'm much more of a concept learner but when you have 2 hours to learn everything you need for a pharmacology test, it is much better to be a good memorizer. I didn't do so well on my first pharm test. I basically have no hope to get an A but a B is doable and manageable. I will work to get a B. Maybe he'll have extra credit? Wishful thinking.

Maybe I'll get some knitting in this weekend. The new Knitscape is out and I want it pretty bad. Not that I'll necessarily make something from it but I need something to cheer me up. Once I pick it up at Threadbear, I'll write a review of the mag...


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