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Monday, August 08, 2005

Just random thoughts....

I got back from the dentist about an hour ago for my last perio treatment. Periodontal disease really sucks. It starts out as gingavitis and progresses to gum infection. I had the latter. My gums were puffy and I had deep pockets in my gums because of the infection. My dentist put me on a periodontal regimen that consisted of root planning. Basically they have to numb you up so that they can dig around under the gums and get at tarter that builds up on the roots. Yuck! They say it developed because I hadn't been going in for my regular dental cleanings. Which is hard to do when you don't have dental insurance. All in all, these deep cleanings cost me $1200. I really need to find dental insurance:(

The news is blaring in the background and gas prices are up again. At one station in San Diego, 87 unleaded goes for $2.85! Unbelievable... My road trip to MI is going to cost an arm and a leg. The highest prices in CA are in the Ventura/Santa Barbara area. Yikes... It's a good thing I don't go to Cal Poly SLO anymore. Those poor students must definitely using the bus.

I decided that I really need to buy a digital camera before embarking on my trip. I leave on Saturday and would really like to have my own camera to take pictures of the sites I get to see. I've been using my mom's or my boyfriend's camera so pictures have been a bit sparse on the ol' blog. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate them. I'm looking for a slim design. I like my mom's Cannon A40 a lot. It's 3.1 MP and that's probably all I'm going to need.

Last Saturday night, I got to see some of my friends at a party that my boyfriend threw for me. It was really fun seeing everyone and I think we all had a good time. I'm starting to get a bit sentimental and sad about leaving for a year but it will go by fast.

Well, I have to get back to packing. I don't really think I'm going to bring that much with me but I have to make decisions on what to bring. That will take a while...

Oh, I got a question on the Lacy Kerchief Scarf from Interweave. I couldn't figure out how to do the increase row and wrote the magazine about that. The directions first stated to do the increases every 8 rows and later in the pattern to repeat the increases every 6 rows. What happened to the other 2 rows??? If anyone is making this scarf and is stuck, here is the response to my question. I know it's kinda long but it may help someone.


I have a problem knitting this pattern. I was following the directions and

chart and was doing well until I got to the yarnover inc row. It basically

says to increase a stitch in the garter section by yo. Then it says to work

5 rows in pattern. This is where I get confused. At row 6, I have 20

stitches. To repeat row 1, I need 18. What do I do?




Once you have worked the Yarnover Inc Row to make 5 garter sts between

the markers, you are going to start increasing every 6th row (an inc

row, followed by 5 rows worked even). Previously, you were increasing

every 8 rows, which coincided with the 8-row pattern repeat, and

you could conveniently increase on Row 1. Alas, this tidy situation is

about to end because the increases will now be placed closer together

(every 6th row).

"Continue in chart pattern as established, and rep the shaping of the

last X rows" means to continue the *entire* pattern going just as it has

been all along, but the shaping is now going to be worked over X rows,

which is different from how the shaping was done previously.

So, this means to keep working chart Rows 1 - 8 over and over, but the

increase row will happen after every 5 rows have worked even.

Here's how the first few rows of the new scheme will play out, just to

get you started:

Row 1: Increase as given for Yarnover Inc Row--5 sts between markers.

Rows 2 - 6: Work 5 rows even in pattern from chart--uh oh, it's increase

time again.

Row 7: Work Row 7 of chart, *and* increase in the center section as you

did for the Yarnover Inc Row--6 sts between markers.

Row 8: Work 1 row even in pattern from chart.

Rows 1 - 4: Work 4 more rows even in pattern from chart; there have now

been 5 rows worked even since the last time you increased, so an

increase row is coming up next.

Row 5: Work Row 5 of chart, *and* increase in center section as

before--7 sts between markers.

Rows 6 - 8: Work 3 rows even in pattern from chart.

Rows 1 and 2: Work 2 more rows even in pattern from chart; there have

now been 5 rows worked even since the last time you increased, so you

can guess what's coming.

Row 3: Work Row 3 of chart, *and* increase in center section as

before--8 sts between markers.

I think you get the hang of it from here. If it helps, list Rows 1 - 8

three times on a piece of paper, then circle every 6th row to indicate

an increase row; make sure there are 5 plain rows between each circled

one. Because 24 rows is divisible by both 8 and 6, every 24 rows you'll

be back to increasing on Row 1 of the chart again.

You can also use five safety pins or removable markers to keep track of

when to increase. Hang a safety pin or marker in the first stitch of

every work-even row. When you've used up all five pins, the next row has

to be an increase row. Remove the pins after working the increase row so

you can re-use them to track the next 5 work-even rows.

In general, if you have been repeating a pattern over and over you

should continue to repeat all the pattern rows the same way in order to

keep the fabric looking consistent, even if the shaping switches gears.

You mostly encounter different increase intervals when making sleeves,

where you might start off increasing every 4 rows, and then maybe have

to increase every 6 rows, and then every 8 rows. The stitch pattern

repeats continuously throughout the sleeve, even though the increases

don't necessarily land on the same pattern rows as they initially did.

Varying the increase rate doesn't happen as often in lace projects

because they tend to have straight sides like rectangles (no increasing)

or triangles (always increasing or decreasing at exactly the same rate).

However, you will occasionally see lace pieces with a sinuous curved

edge like our Lacy Kerchief Scarf. The main thing is to keep the chart

pattern going according to its original plan so the lace looks correct,

and work out a your own personal system for keeping track of the

increases when they don't coincide neatly with the main pattern.


At 4:30 AM, Blogger Ruth said...

my husband has those "deep pocket" things in his gums too...(he thinks its heriditary sometimes because his mom has bad gums too) it's weird because he is really good about his cleanings, check-ups, flossing, etc... and still for some reason he still has the pockets/gum problems. so he has to get those deep cleanings too... blech.

btw, your tivoli tee is looking good!

p.s. i'm almost done with the lacy kerchief scarf increases! =)


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