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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Here's another quiz...

Which you'll see at the bottom of the post...

I bought Teva Durham's book Loop de Loop on from a seller instead of directly from Amazon. Why you ask??? Cause he priced it at $12.10. Can't beat that. Unfortunately, it's coming by media mail. Hopefully, I'll get it before I have to leave for Michigan. I think its a beautiful book with great photos. I've heard some good and bad reviews. Most bad reviews are that the sizing is on the small size. Just like Hollywood Knits. But I guess that's not going to bother me. I can't seem to make things small enough. Almost everything I've made with the exception of Ribby is big. Even when I get gauge. Ughhhh.....

Here are a few of the designs that I love in this book...

Now, here's the quiz!

You Are a Soy Latte

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But you're more Kate Hudson urban bohemian than Phish groupie

You're worldly and well traveled... and you know where to get the best coffee in town.

All your experience makes you a compassionate person - and a caring girlfriend.

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