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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Back from East Lansing

I spent Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in MI looking for a place to live while I'm going to school. So far I found a few places with possibilities and a potential roommate. The rent is much cheaper than in CA. You can get a 2 bedroom place for about $800. That's a 1 bedroom apt here in San Diego. But most of the apartments are fairly old. I heard from a retired professor that I met that the city is placing a rental hold on properties. No additional rental licenses will be issued to curb rental property growth.

The town and campus were charming. The town of East Lansing reminded me of San Luis Obispo, CA where I did my first degree. It caters to mostly a student clientele and there were lots of fun bars and restaurants close to campus. The university was started in 1855 as an agricultural school and there were many old historic buildings. Matt and I went to the museum and found lots of fun facts about the college. I did find out this weekend that MSU is the rival school for matt's college major of packaging engineering and we had a good laugh about this coincidence.

Besides school, the nearby capital city of Lansing has a knitting attraction.... Threadbear Arts. Here's a link... This store was huge and had almost any yarn I can think of. Such a dangerous place to have only a few miles from my new home. I wanted to browse for hours looking at everything. Unfortunately, the only things that entertained Matt there were the two dogs who apparently have free roam of the store. They were so cute, following us and asking to be pet as I wandered the store. We left after 15 minutes of furious browsing and I will return!!! hmmm... wonder if there is a sock class to taught in the fall???

The one thing that I may have trouble with is the weather. It was very HUMID and HOT!!! About 80 degrees all day and night and sticky. Definitely not something that I'm used to. The Midwest seems to have extremes in weather. California is ideal in that it has temperate weather year round. Actually, today is a bit cool and overcast... a welcome rest from the heat of MI.

On the knitting front, I brought my Angelina Jacket to MI with me to knit on the plane... It's such slow knitting... endless 2x2 ribbing that seems like it will go on forever. I did make progress though. 5 inches of the sleeves was knitted. Only six more then I can go on to the neck shaping. The other knitting projects have been sadly neglected. The Ribbi Cardigan just needs to have the sleeves and sides seamed and the collar and zipper attached. I need to motivate myself to finish so that I have something fun to wear in the fall.

I saw this pattern on another blog last week and fell in love with it. It calls for Manos de Uruaguay and the gauge is 3 stitches/inch. I was intending to use some Manos that I bought last year and knitted into a sweater that I do not like or wear. It's in a pink color. But I went to the yarn sale at Two Sisters and Ewe with some knitting friends and bought some Cascade Piazza (?) in a pretty burgandy color. I couldn't help it... it was 30% off. Problem, the stated gauge is 4 stitches/ inch. I am wondering if I can make it look good at 3 st/in. I'll probably have to use a size 10 or 11 needle and I'm hoping it doesn't look too loose.


At 12:23 AM, Blogger spaazlicious said...

Pastaza? I don't have skeins side by side to compare with, but I think Manos and Pastaza are roughly the same thickness. Pastaza especially seems to fluff up with handling. This is why the gauge indications on ball bands really bugs me--wraps per inch is really the only consistent indicator of thickness, because different knitters will get different gauges...blah, blah blah. I better stop before I really get on my high horse.

The hotlava looks like a pretty fun knit.


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