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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Good news

I have great news to report. I got accepted to Michigan State University's Accelerated BSN program and will start on August 29. So that means I have to move from sunny San Diego, CA where I've lived pretty much all my life and brace myself for East Lansings snowy winter weather. According to some friends, it actually gets below 0. Brrrr!!!! But I can't wait to get started on my new career.

On the knitting front, I started the lacy kerchief scarf from the Interweaves 2005 summer edition. I bought some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in wisteria from my LYS. I really love this pattern. Here's a picture of it. It got cut off at the bottom and I am still trying to figure out what is wrong.
Image hosted by
For some reason, I'm having trouble downloading oictures of my projects into Is there a better service for sharing pictures of my knitting???

I have read other people's assessment of the Summer 2005 IK and I think that they are unfair. Many people think that their knitting designs for Summer are horrendous. I happen to like quite a few of them.

  • One Button Cardigan- I agree with many people, not everyone can pull this off. But it is an interesting design and will work well for women who are a little curvy.
  • Bed and Bath Duo- I like the pajamas. Not so sure about the bathrobe.
  • Two-Tie Striped Cardigan- I love this little sweater. Perfect for a cool summer night. And I love the colors. When I find some Reynolds Saucy Sport, I will make this one!
  • Lacy Kerchief Scarf- Obviously I love it.
  • Acorn Camisole- I likd this simple top. It looks simple but it's probably a challenge to make. But I'm getting better at lace knitting.
  • Fiery Bolero- I'm not usually a fan of shrugs, but I like this simple top in the bold color.
  • Premiere Pullover- I love this sweater. And the last time I was at my LYS, I took a look at Classic Elite Premiere and fell in love with this fiber. It's so soft.


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