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Sunday, May 01, 2005

First post!!!

I'm very excited to be posting for the first time. I hope to use this blog to record my knitting experiences as well as other things in my life.

I am a pre-nursing student who took up knitting a year ago. I used to be an industrial engineer but hated it. I am currently waiting to hear from two more nursing schools before making up my mind on where to go. Right now, I'm in San Diego but I applied to accelerated BSN programs out of the area. San Diego currently doesn't have a school with the accelerated program. With this type of program, I can get my BSN in one year as opposed to three. My top two choices are Regis University and Michigan State University. I expect to hear from the last of the schools by next week. Hopefully, I have good news to report.

On the knitting front, I am finishing up a Charlotte's Web Shawl for my mom. It's her Mother's Day present and I just have to finish the last row and block and fringe it. So I hope to be finished by next week. I made it in some laceweight wool that I got from Inspirations yarn. It's the strawberry lemondade color. Bright I know, but its my mother's favorite color. I'll post a picture after it's finished. I have some Koigu that I will be using to make my own shawl later.

I am also knitting the Ribbi Cardigan from Chic Knits. It can be found here. I really like the pattern and I finished the back, and front but when I got to the sleeves and kind of just lost motivation to finish it. I just have the sleeves left and I know I just need to plug away so that I have something neat to wear in the fall. I made it in some dark blue Highland wool that I got from Elann.

While looking at the Chic Knits site, I noticed that Bonnie has a new pattern that I want to make. It's called the Scoop du Jour and it uses Lionbrand CottonEase which I have tons of.

I was so sad to hear that Lionbrand is discontinuing CottonEase. I really liked that yarn. It knitted up beautifully and was priced right for a starving student. Now I'll have to stalk Knitpicks and Elann to score some nice cotton yarns.


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